Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Latest Delivery...Part II

Part II of the latest delivery to the Pediatrics Unit at Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, CT includes these worsted weight baby blankets:


  Created by gmmarton, knitterluvspurls, justbeth, knittinginhudson, kellee0302, mdc550 (who also did the border).

Circus Circus (in honor of Bridgeport's very own Phineas T. Barnum):
  Created by gmmarton, missyjoon, knitterluvspurls, mdc550, Spikey, suzieHM, and MGM (border).

Hues of Blues:
  Created by gmmarton, missyjoon, kidpal51, robkat317, GinnyG, and gmmarton (border).

Spring Fling:
  Created by gmmarton, sandycloset, knitterluvspurls, hamham, sugarmagknowya, missyjoon, and gmmarton (border).

The Big Apple:
  Created by gmmarton, missyjoon, knitterluvspurls, suzieHM, knittinginhudson, colbysmimi and gmmarton (border).

Banana Split: (I love the cherry look on top!)
  Created by gmmarton, hamham, knitterluvspurls, missyjoon, sugarmagknowya, colbysmimi and gmmarton (border).

Vanilla Creme:
  Created by gmmarton, missyjoon, knitterluvspurls, suzieHM, GinnyG, kidpal51 and gmmarton (border).

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