Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Latest Delivery...Part I

At long last, push has come to shove, and the fourteen (14) worsted weight blankets sitting on my daybed have finally been washed, dried, checked, labeled and packed up for delivery to the good folks at Bridgeport Hospital's Pediatrics Unit.  

This is the first of two deliveries (7 blankets listed) I organized this Memorial Day Weekend for the little ones.  

Thanks, everyone, for your support.  Please know that your efforts are well received.

Candy Cane:
  Created by gmmarton, Spikey, missyjoon, justbeth, bobi1218, mdc550 (who also did the border).

  Created by gmmarton, missyjoon, kidpal51, GinnyG, knitterluvspurls, threesmom, and gmmarton (border).

Seaside Park (in honor of Bridgeport's most famous park):
  Created by gmmarton, kidpal51, colbysmimi, justbeth, bobi1218, robkat317, and MGM (border).

Northeast Rainbow II:
  Created by MGM, threesmom, gmmarton, robkat317, kidpal51, bobi1218 and gmmarton (border).

  Created by gmmarton, sugarmagknowya, missyjoon, bobi1218, justbeth, robkat317, mdc550, Spikey, gmmarton (border).

New Year's Parade:
  Created by threesmom, bobi1218, missyjoon, gmmarton, hamham, knittinginhudson and mdc550.

Butterfly Kisses:
  Created by gmmarton, Spikey, colbysmimi, justbeth, bobi1218, and sugarmagknowya  (who also did the border).

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