Wednesday, May 29, 2013

End of May 2013 Update

As we come to the end of May - we are really moving along towards our goal of 100 completed blankets.  

1.) Sunset 
2.) Sunrise 
3.) Prince 
4.) Princess 
5.) Frozen Pond 
6.) Pumpkin Spice Latte 
7.) Mix and Match 
8.) Homeland Heros 
9.) My First Christmas 
10.) Sleigh Ride 
11.) Mittens 
12.) Winter 
13.) Spring 
14.) Summer 
15.) Fall 
16.) Walk in the Woods 
17.) Gelato 
18.) This & That 
19.) Pink Me Up 
20.) Tiny Ballerina 
21.) Little Explorer 
22.) Pastel Paradise 
23.) Peaches & Cream 
24.) My Favorite Things 
25.) Hot Chocolate 
26.) Blue Jean Baby 
27.) 4 Leaf Clover 
28.) Inchworm 
29.) Creepy Crawlers 
30.) My Funny Valentine

Sadly right now there are 3 blankets that are missing in action - SnowmanPurplepalooza and Down By the Seashore.  The blankets are in varying stages of completion, but it is never fun to lose all of our hard work.   The story is they were mailed out to me (ckcrochicknitter) when the knitter left the group, but I was never made aware that they are on the way.  The knitter also neglected to keep any kind of tracking number or record of the address it was mailed to.  

Not counting the 3 blankets that are missing in action - we have 40 blankets in progress.  Lets keep up the good work ladies!!