Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our First Pictures!

Woo hoo! Let the games begin! We've all been busy bees in advance of our official August 1st start date, and we've got the pics to prove it.

We still need knitters on some of these blankets, please check the "Amazing Group" post and
contact me through KH or Rav, or post a comment here.

Nor'Easter (Ripple Stitch, Caron SS White)

August (Embossed Diamond Stitch, Caron SS Sage)

Garter Garden (all garter, Caron SS Orchid [Spikey], Bernat Satin Banana [gmmarton])

Northeast Rainbow (started by gmmarton, garter stitch, Bernat Satin Crimson)

Mermaid Tails (started by threesmom, dark teal)

Monday, July 28, 2008

More Great Blanket Ideas!

Updated 7/31 to add our newest member, MotherHenKnits from Ravelry!

Hi Gang!

Our blankets are going like gangbusters, and we haven't even reached our official start date, yet.

In addition to a few slots remaining on the blankets list in the "Amazing Group" post, here are two new ones:

Fun in the Snow (white and primary colors)


(needs four more knitters)

Save the Sound (blues, greens, white, taupe, brown) - Our Connecticut Blanket
susziehomemaker/MotherHenKnits (Ravelry)
(needs two more knitters)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Preemies Have Their Own Blog

Hi Gang,

To keep things easier to find, the preemie posts, lists, and links have been moved to their own blog.

This blog will continue to be the best source of information and tracking of the worsted weight blankets.

Thanks again to all of our great knitters & crocheters!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What an amazing group

Last updated 8-4 for blanket progress!

Wow! I am on cloud nine from the enthusiasm and great ideas coming from our group. You all make my job SO easy! Thanks to those who are continuing from our nationwide group and to those who have newly joined us.

We already have EIGHT blankets planned, each with nearly a full slate of knitters!

Here is the current list (also in the KH thread):

Nor'easter (ocean blues, white sky, sunset/sunrise purples)

Spikey (done)
gmmarton (done)
threesmom (awaiting arrival)
kellee0302 (will also crochet a border)

August (shades of peridot green)

Spikey (done)
gmmarton (done)
threesmom (awaiting arrival)
sarahbean (will also crochet a border)

Garter Garden (garden colors, all garter stitch)

Spikey (done)
gmmarton (done)
lisa1216 (done!)
onb4050 (will also crochet a border)

Mermaid Tails (teal, blue, purple, green, pink)

threesmom (done)
Spikey (working)
spinningcrna (Ravelry)
gmmarton (will also crochet a border)

Autumn in the NE (fall leaf colors)

LHFBM (working)

lisa1216 (will also crochet a border)

Blizzard (all white)
kellee0302 (done)
Spikey (awaiting arrival)
bobi1218 (from Ravelry)
(will also crochet a border)

Independence Day (red, white, blue)
Spikey (working)
[needs two more knitters]

Northeast Rainbow (all garter)
Red - gmmarton (done)
Orange - kellee0302 (done!)
Yellow - lisa1216
Green - stitchermom (from Ravelry)
Blue - Spikey
Purple - threesmom

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our First Blanket

What a fabulous and enthusiastic group! We've already got the lineup for the first of our oddball baby blanket.

Nor'easter (blues of the ocean and sky, white clouds, maybe a little stormy gray)
kellee0302 (has also offered to crochet our border)

Plans are underway for our second blanket, August, in the colors of Peridot (the modern August birthstone) to honor our founding month. Peridot colors can range from a light yellow-green all the way to olive.

All Northeast knitters are welcome to participate, as are suggestions for future blankets.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to Northeast US Oddball Baby Blankets

As we get the knitters, crocheters, and blankets organized, we'll keep track of it all here.

Stay tuned...