Monday, March 4, 2013

So many blankets!

We are making AMAZING progress towards our goal of 100 completed blankets for 2013!!

As of today there are 13 completed worsted weight blankets and 2 completed DK weight blankets.  So we are on a roll!

Due to the number of blankets and hamham continuing to heal from her injury, I will temporarily be accepting both the completed DK weight blankets and the Worsted Weight blankets to get them ready for delivery.

If there is anyone interested in accepting the worsted weight blankets to get them ready for distribution, I would be happy to share the load.  It is a big job to accept them, which includes washing the blankets so they are free from any odors or hair.  Loose ends also need to be woven in and the person that receives the blankets needs to go through and check that there are no loose stitches or stitches that have been missed and make any necessary repairs.  If anyone is up for the challenge I am happy to share, if not I have no problem keeping things going.

You all do such an AMAZING job making these Oddball blankets into works of art!