Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shall We?

So…I was cleaning out my ‘knitting room’ aka a spare bedroom, today, which gave me a chance to review the stash.

It gave me idea for two more blankets.

How about a worsted weight version of Pastel Rainbow? The rainbow blankets are always so pretty, and the all garter stitch goes quickly. I’m happy to do the pink.

We’ll need peach, pale yellow, pastel green, pastel blue, and lavender +/- a border.

Also, some of you may remember that we had a worsted weight blanket in the Oddball group called Gorgeous Grapes, done in all shades of purple. It was a beautiful blanket and I was thrilled to add a deep purple section.

I use the past tense because it went off a knitter and never returned :-( In memory of the departed, I’d like us to do our own.

Anyone interested in these new blankets?

Thanks to all for being such a great team!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Hi! I'm new here and have been cruising around reading up on these oddball baby blankets. What a nice idea! I knit and crochet and you can see some of my work over at my website However I am not a huge fan of knitting on circular needles...something about that really bothers my carbal tunnel. I would like to offer to crochet borders for any blankets that need them. Or if you know of a similar effort using crochet, I would love to participate in that.

Anyway, back to cruising around this site. I'm learning a lot and enjoying what I see!


Spikey said...

Hi Mary Grace,
Thanks for your kind words about our site and our group.

Your site, and your work, are beautiful.

We would love to have you help us in any way you can. Many of us swap out the needles on which the blanket arrives for our own preferred needles, then put it back on the circ it came with to send it on. With long enough straights, you could certainly do this if you were interested.

We are always looking for folks to help with crocheted borders, as well, as many of us (including me) do not crochet.