Monday, September 8, 2008

Rapid Response Team

Wow! Where I work, we have a "Rapid Response Team", to attend to any emergencies. You guys are just as good. The call goes out and the volunteers come pouring in!! Love it!

Pastel Rainbow (self-explanatory colors, all garter stitch)

Pink: Spikey (done, Caron SS Pink)
Peach: lisa1216 (working)
Pastel Yellow: tuxedocat (rav)
Pastel Green: Knitter needed
Pastel Blue: mdc550 (rav)
Lavender & Border: gmmarton

Gorgeous Grapes (shades of purple and lavender)
Spikey (working)
missyjoon (rav)
tuxedocat (rav)
gmmarton (will also crochet border)

...and our ever-enthusiastic tuxedocat from Ravelry, took the initiative to start a blanket out of a beautiful heathered yarn send to her by our ever-lovely and generous threesmom/justbeth. Recently posted on our ravelry thread and already full!

Heather (all heathered yarns)
tuxedocat (done)
gmmarton (working)
missyjoon (rav)
tenniskid (missyjoon's DD)
mdc550 (rav) [will crochet our border]

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