Monday, August 10, 2009

Eight is Great: The Latest Completed Worsted Weight Baby Blankets!

Yes, it's true! We've completed another eight worsted weight oddball baby blankets for the dear little ones at Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport, CT. The divine knitters and crocheters of the Northeast Regional Group of Oddball Knitters have made another eight worsted weight baby blankets since Memorial Day 2009.

Our latest eight baby blankets, set for delivery this week, include:

It's a Boy (created by gmmarton, sandycloset, knitterlusvpurls, knittinginhudson, and stevedallas)

Tropical Plantation (created by gmmarton, missyjoon, hamham, knead2knit, colbysmimi and gmmarton)

Sherbert (created by gmmarton, missyjoon, hamham, knitterluvspurls, justbeth, and MGM)

Neon Fun (created by Spikey, hamham, knittinginhudson, SuzieHomeMaker, colbysmimi, and gmmarton)

It's a Girl (created by gmmarton, knitterluvspurls, hamham, justbeth, knitterluvspurls and sandycloset)

Dogwood (created by gmmarton, missyjoon, robkat317, knitterluvspurls, bobi1218, knittinginhudson and gmmarton)

Cupcakes (created by gmmarton, knitterluvspurls, sugarmagknowya, hamham, missyjoon, and sandycloset)

April Showers (created by gmmarton, missyjoon, justbeth, MotherHenKnits and knead2knit)

Many, many thanks to all of you who have come together for the purpose of co-creating these beautiful baby blankets. I look forward to delivering them to the good folks at the Pediatrics Unit of Bridgeport Hospital.


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america said...

This design also looks very cool with a mix and match of stitches like a patchwork put together in neat precision.