Monday, November 3, 2008

Pre-Election Update

Edited - 11/9 for new pics and progress

Don't know about you, but I can't stand to see one more campaign commercial, get one more robo-call, or see one more talking head on TV. Let's get this going already!!! that I have composed myself. Let's talk blanket progress. It is great, with new pics below! gmmarton has planned to make our first delivery over the Thanksgiving holiday, so let's all knit and crochet our little fingers off to get as many blankets done as we can!

Nor'Easter (ocean blues, white sky, stormy gray, sunrise/sunset purple, etc)
Spikey (done,
Ripple Stitch, Caron SS White)
gmmarton (done, Farrow Rib Stitch in Caron SS Country Blue)
threesmom (done, Oblique Rib stitch, Caron SS Plum Heather)
LHFBM (working)
[knitter needed]
kellee0302 (will also crochet a border)

August (shades of peridot green)
Spikey (done, Embossed Diamond Stitch, Caron SS Sage)
gmmarton (done, Double Moss Stitch, Caron SS Dark Sage)
threesmom (done, Checker Stitch, Red Heart Soft Guacamole)
kellee0302 (done)
LHFBM (done)
sarahbean (awaiting arrival) (will also crochet a border)

Garter Garden (garden colors, all garter stitch)
Spikey (done, Caron SS Orchid)
gmmarton (done, Bernat Satin Banana)
lisa1216 (done)
sarahbean (done)
threesmom (done)

Mermaid Tails (teal, blue, purple, green, pink)
threesmom (done, dark teal)
Spikey (done, Parallelogram Check, Caron SS Purple)
LHFBM (done)
sarabean (done)
kellee0302 (done)
gmmarton (done) DONE!

Autumn in the NE (fall leaf colors)
LHFBM (done)
sarahbean (done, Triangle Stitch)
gmmarton (done)(Bernat Satin Banana, Farrow Rib Stitch)
kellee0302 (working)

lisa1216 (will also crochet a border)

Blizzard (all white)
kellee0302 (done, baby yarn by Red Heart, Ice Storm Cable Stitch)
Spikey (done, Caron SS White, Seed Stitch)
lisa1216 (done)
bobi1218 (from Ravelry, done,
Caron Simply Soft in white, diagonal rib stitch)
(will also crochet a border) (working)

Independence Day (red, white, blue)
Spikey (done, Caron SS Dark Country Blue and White, Star Stitch)
mismizz (done, Caron SS Red, Garter Stitch)
SteveDallas (done)( Vanna's Choice Colonial Blue, Triangle Stitch)
gmmarton (done)(Caron SS Rubine Red; White; and Navy Blue, Farrow Rib stitch)
onb4050 (working)
tuxedocat (rav)
MGM [will crochet our border]

Northeast Rainbow (all garter)
Red - gmmarton (done,
garter stitch, Bernat Satin Crimson)
Orange - kellee0302 (done)
Yellow - lisa1216 (done)
Green - stitchermom (MIA!)
Blue - Spikey
Purple - threesmom

Fun in the Snow (white and primary colors)

(will also crochet a border)

Save the Sound (blues, greens, white, taupe, brown) - Our Connecticut Blanket
gmmarton (done,
Vanna's Choice in Linen, Farrow Rib stitch)
susziehomemaker/MotherHenKnits (Ravelry) (done)
threesmom (done Caron SS heathered, Moss Stitch)
tuxedocat (rav)
(done, garter stitch)
Spikey (done, Caron SS white, double seed stitch)
missyjoon (rav) (done)
gmmarton (done!) Our second completed blanket!

Farm Fresh (corn yellow, tomato red, lettuce green, etc)
Spikey (done, Andalusian Stitch, Caron SS yellow)
gmmarton (done)
missyjoon (Rav) (done)
threesmom (done)
sarahbean (working, may also knit the border)

Jersey Devil (all Caron SS RED)
Spikey (done)
gmmarton (done)
bobi1218 (rav) (done)
pttalbott (rav) (done)
threesmom (done)
suziehomemaker (done)
MGM [border, done!]

Pastel Rainbow (self-explanatory colors, all garter stitch)
Pink: Spikey (done, Caron SS Pink)
Peach: lisa1216 (working)
Pastel Yellow: tuxedocat (rav) (done)
Pastel Green: GinnyG (done)
Pastel Blue: mdc550 (rav) (done)
Lavender & Border: gmmarton (awaiting arrival)

Gorgeous Grapes (shades of purple and lavender)
Spikey (done) (Caron SS Grape, Goblet Stitch)
missyjoon (rav) (done)
tuxedocat (rav) (done)
threesmom (done)(Caron SS Orchid, double seed stitch)
pttalbott (rav) (awaiting arrival)
gmmarton (will also crochet border)

Heather (all heathered yarns)
tuxedocat (done)
gmmarton (done)(Caron's SS Woodland Heather)
Spikey (done)(Caron SS, Deep Plum Heather, Seed Stitch)
missyjoon (rav)(working)
mdc550 (rav) [will crochet our border]

Boo! I Love You! (Halloween Colors)
missyjoon (done)
tenniskid (done)
Spikey (done)(
Caron SS in Black, Rice Stitch)
tuxedocat (working)

kellee0302 (border patrol)

Think Pink (pinks and white, in honor of breast cancer awareness month)
tuxedocat (done)
Spikey (done)(
Caron SS Soft Pink, Garter Stitch)
GinnyG (done)(Caron SS Plum)
lisa1216 (awaiting arrival)
gmmarton (will also crochet border)

Bubblegum (fun colors)
gmmarton (done)
threesmom (done)
missyjoon (
awaiting arrival)
(will crochet border)

Pumpkin Delight (pumpkin, pie crust, and fall colors)

gmmarton (done)
Spikey (done, Vanna's Choice in Linen, Woven Lattice Pattern Stitch, to look like pumpkin pie)
(needs 2 more knitters)
MGM (will crochet border)

Forest Greens (all greens and variegated with green)
gmmarton (done)(Caron SS Dark Sage, Farrow Rib Stitch)
threesmom (done)(Caron SS "something heather", Double Seed Stitch)
sarahbean (working)

MGM (will knit and crochet border)


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Thank goodness for TIVO! That's all I can say!

I noticed that some of the blankets I am listed on for "border patrol" still are looking for knitters. You can put me in as the last knitter (or two) if necessary. If you don't get volunteers for the last sections when it is time for those blankets to move on, just send them to me and I'll finish the knitting and do the borders.

Can't wait to get my hands on the next blanket!

Spikey said...

Thanks for your kind offer, MGM! I'll tentatively put you as the last knitter on those blankets, as well, and let you know if we need you.